Here We Go…

So it begins with the buttons on the keyboard. Typing is not, shall we say, ‘one of my strong suits.’ But, neither is proper english, so without being politcally correct I will commit myself to the mission of spreading out the ‘know how’ on growing organically or naturally as it seems appropriate.

My wife Janeen and I have a nursery/tree farm in one location, and an orchard in another location about a half hours drive time away from each other. Starting in late Winter around mid-March is when it becomes a full time gig. Meaning seven days a week going back and forth between the two. This will continue through out the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Even into the beginning of the Winter sometimes.

In March, the greenhouse gets fired-up to be the ‘go to’ placeto stay warm when it’s so doggone cold out yet. We start our blueberry shrubs in there along with other fruiting shrubs like raspberry, gooseberry, gojiberry and a bunch of other what most would consider some odd-ball fruits that they never heard of before. It is also where the beginning of thousands of beneficial and supporting plants get born by means of propagating.

But anywho, I have gotten off topic again. I usually am pretty darn good at that, needing no help for that what so ever. Distraction pretty much knows where I am most of the time. The topic to be for today is this is the beginning of an era for me. Right now this very instant. I hope you won’t get bored with me, as I sometimes can come up with some doosey’s.

From my heart, I believe it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t provide information in one way shape form or another about growing organically and naturally. It is because I love it so much and know without asingle dought that everyone else can too. This blog certainly will follow me around in the orchard, not every day of course but as the reflections and the ‘slap in the face’ moments I see, it will definently be written down here. So here we go…

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