Trimming a Hackberry Tree

What do you do when you go out and prune your trees? Do you just go out there and prune and then pick up all the prunings or do you also use a pruning sealant on the pruning cuts you made?

If you do use a pruning sealant, why? Is it because you see a can of it in a store and you automatically assume that it is what the trees want? Is it because that’s what your parents or grandparents did? Why then?

I don’t believe I’ve ever used a pruning sealer other than when I’ve grafted trees. Then, it was only to keep the graft union from losing moisture before it became one.

I’m sure that back in the day they might have had to use some type of sealer on the wounds, partly because they were also pruning at the wrong times of the season. But, even then would you really need to use a sealer?

The decisions we make are hopefully based on new information that we recieve. The decision for me not to use sealant for anything but grafting was simply arrogance at the time, not knowing that it actually was best that the trees were left alone. So my arrogance was in the best interest of the tree whether I knew or not.

The trees have their own ability to heal themselves. When we use sealant on the cuts, the sealer can trap unwanted moisture in the wound and begin to grow nasty things that will trouble the tree later on.

Tree sealers inhibit the trees natural ability to heal itself. Why would they even be for sale in the stores at the quantities they are then if the sealers aren’t good to use? You really have to ask that? Why is there anything at all in the store that isn’t healthy for us???

There are steps to take when doing some type of tree management or the other. Learning to make the correct pruning cuts and doing this at the correct times of the season will bring you up to speed. Knowledge and timeliness are the foundation of getting things done as correctly as we can till we recieve and learn new information to base our decisions on. Until next time…

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